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We help you to elevate your business intelligence


Unlock the power of your data.

Access, transform and integrate your data with the power of data preparation and data warehouse automation tools. Organise your organisation’s data to unlock its value by making it easily accessible by analysts and decision makers.


Make sense of your data.

Explore and analyse data to understand your organisation’s performance and make data-driven decisions using business intelligence and analytics systems that deliver engaging, interactive dashboards, charts and reports.


Informed decision making.

Change the way your business identifies and solves issues. Leverage a collaborative business intelligence and analytics platform to predict, plan and execute with confidence.

About Brooklyn
Our ethos is to help organisations enhance their effectiveness through the ability to make data-driven business decisions. We offer smart, cost-effective solutions delivered by experts in business intelligence and analytics.
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Business analytics doesn’t have to be a complex undertaking. Minerra’s experts can help your business organise, visualise and utilise data with customised data warehousing and business intelligence software that’s easy to use.

Easily pull together dashboards, reports and more on finances, marketing, performance, logistics, operations, and any other aspect of your organisation. We help simplify business analysis so that it can be accessed, interpreted, and utilised.

We’ve chosen to work with cutting edge innovators in business intelligence. Minerra’s experts will work with you as your trusted advisors and tailor tools to meet your specific needs.

Our Service

Minerra’s Business Intelligence and Analytics Experts: Our Leadership Team

We believe in a diverse range of personnel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to your system

Steve Remington

Principal Consultant

Steve is Minerra’s founder and has over 20 years’ experience providing business intelligence and analytics services across many industries. He holds a Masters of Business Information Systems from Monash University and has over six years of research and teaching experience in various universities.


Edgar Kautzner

Managing Consultant

Edgar is Minerra’s lead consultant responsible for all aspects of clients’ analytics and business intelligence journeys. He has led analytics projects for companies in various industries, and across Australia, New Zealand, North America and Southeast Asia. Edgar is also an accomplished analytics trainer.


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