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Founded in Australia, Minerra has been chosen by leading organisations across multiple sectors to provide insight and solve business problems.

At Minerra, we are not just technology people. We are seasoned consultants with real business experience. We understand that each business has its unique set of challenges and issues, and we’re ready to find the answers through analysing your business needs.

Minerra was formed in 2009 to offer a more versatile, business-focused approach to analytics. Our team is comprised of individuals who share a common trait: we’re business people first, and technologists second. We’re creative, business-smart, tech-savvy, and enjoy a challenge.

Minerra’s Analytics Experts

We believe in a diverse range of personel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table

Steve Remington

Principal Consultant / Founder

Steve leads Minerra in providing customizable business analytics services to a wide range of clients across a number of industries. With more than 20 years in the field, he formed the company in 2009 to offer decision-makers better business intelligence (BI), business management and analytics solutions. Today, he leads Minerra’s innovation, solutions development, growth, and sales and marketing strategies.

Steve enjoys designing analytics systems that directly support decision-making. Some of his work includes tracking olive oil extraction efficiency at one of the world’s largest olive tree groves, and finding a better means of delivering medical services cross-country.

He holds a Masters of Business Information Systems with first class honours in Business Intelligence Systems from Monash University, and a Bachelor of Business degree from the University of Newcastle. Steve also has over six years of BI academic research and instruction at Melbourne Business School, Monash University and Latrobe University.

Steve is an avid science fiction reader and coffee lover who is in constant search of the perfect cup. Originally from Australia, Steve and his wife now reside permanently in Singapore.

Edgar Kautzner

Managing Consultant

With more than 10 years of experience in the field, Edgar is a lead consultant responsible for all aspects of clients’ analytics journeys.

Prior roles include serving as Director, Global Talent Analytics at NGA.NET (now Acendre) and Business Development Manager for Melbourne-based Advanced Training. He has previously led business analytics projects in the federal government, education, mining, manufacturing, utilities and not-for-profit sectors throughout Australia, New Zealand, North America and Southeast Asia.

He holds a Bachelor of Information Technology and Systems, and a Master of Business Information Systems with honours from Monash University. He also has an advanced diploma in IT (Business) from RMIT University and a certificate in workplace coaching.

An avid traveller, Edgar speaks fluent Japanese. Equally passionate about music as he is a technology, he started playing the violin when he was just five years old and later went on to play professionally for a number of years.

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