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Agile business intelligence to kick-start your operations

Information and Advice from Minerra

Agile business intelligence solutions are the key to making data-driven decisions at all times. Automated data warehousing tools that display visualised structured data are just the thing a business needs to enhance its operations. Getting connected with your data has never been easier, too. Minerra’s BI and analytics solutions will bring your business to the next level.

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Agile business development to tackle all challenges

Agile business development is a fresh approach to building a flexible business capable of adjusting to unpredictable changes. The process combines principles encompassing flexibility, strong communication skills and adaptability.

Minerra offers BI and analytics tools supporting the concept, notably Ajijus and Yellowfin. The two are fully integrated, with Ajijus performing data warehouse automation and Yellowfin displaying the data in a single, integrated platform.

Yellowfin delivers all the business intelligence crucial to making core decisions at any given moment. Rich visualisation and interactive dashboards make the task seamless.

Yellowfin at a glance

Yellowfin is a cutting-edge browser-based automated ETL platform that connects to all your data sources and transforms the data into visually rich insights. In addition to tables, SQL and flat files, Yellowfin also integrates with Google Analytics and other popular web connectors. The platform uses a drag-and-drop GUI interface to visualize the insights, making it user-friendly.

Not only does Yellowfin provide the established transformation steps (aggregating, calculation, merging, and so on), but it also taps into geo-coding and popular data science models such as PFA, PMML and Most importantly, the transformed data are accessible in real time.

When it comes to security, Yellowfin allows for coding custom authentication and authorisation solutions that don’t disrupt its performance.

Yellowfin seamlessly integrates with third-party applications using programming languages supporting the generation of WSDL or functional stubs. The Javascript API allows for embedding interactive dashboards and reports into external websites.

Yellowfin generates flexible dashboards and reports, displaying the most relevant content presented in an easy-to-understand narrative. The platform makes app integration easy and can be customized to resemble your existing application.

Contact Minerra with your requests to get the best of Yellowfin – your way. Get to easily share insights across the board as needed. Users can see all relevant data through their personalized timeline, add commentary and annotations, and share the insights with ease.

Yellowfin Assisted Insights

What makes Yellowfin truly stand out is its Assisted Insights . While most BI tools simply monitor business results, Yellowfin also explains what has brought them forward. Done the traditional way, the decision maker has to consult a data analyst for answers. Yellowfin generates full self-service analysis by providing automated help.

To bring you the exact answers you need, Yellowfin combines machine-learning with human insight. That allows for immediate answers without you having to dig through all the data. Instead, you can ask Yellowfin the question, and it will, in turn find the exact information to analyse and run it through a series of steps to define the most relevant results.

Next, the results are presented in an easily understandable manner and ready to share. What’s more, the process is fully automated. Simply drag the data you wish to analyse to the report builder, and click the Smart Analysis button.

To further simplify things, Yellowfin also features the Insight Wizard that will help you provide the context to the question you need answered quickly. The depth of analysis is also up to you; Yellowfin is fully customizable. In this way, Yellowfin displays only the most accurate charts; you only need pick the ones you find most relevant and define them further.

Yellowfin Data Storytelling

The key value of business intelligence technologies is seamless data sharing and collaboration. While Yellowfin does provide instant insights, its main benefit is even more sophisticated. Namely, it allows for comparing multiple data points. The insights are displayed by relevance and explained in natural language. Both summary and detail-level explanations are provided, with the user in full control of the results.

By no means does Yellowfin only provide static reports. Forget about PowerPoint presentations and start weaving vivid stories with your data. You can embed live charts in your presentations by using Yellowfin’s Storyboard presentation module. It’s also possible to combine reports with text, images and video to animate the audience.

Moreover, Storyboard allows for building live presentations that are updated in real time. The feature is all about mobile delivery. Get to share your presentations on the go.

Agile business intelligence made easy by Minerra

In addition to decision-focused, fully automated business analysis tools, Minerra also offers agile business intelligence solutions. We know how important expert BI consulting is; our team of seasoned business people will offer specialised advice to suit your exact needs.

At Minerra, we believe in a unique approach. Every business is different; every decision maker has their own ideas. We will listen to you first and only then devise the best approach to help you achieve your goals in as short time as possible.

Our experts will advise you on how to best monitor and improve your business performance and on how to make the best of market changes. Learn how to optimise your organisational data and make data-driven decisions with ease.

Minerra offers various trainings on data integration, data warehouse automation, and dashboard and report design development. Get professional advice and the best BI analysis tools in one go.

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