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Ajilius: the perfect solution for business analysis and reporting

Ajilius is a new-generation web-based BI and analysis platform that makes data warehousing an easy task. Ajilius is fully automated; it shortens the once lengthy ELT process to mere minutes or hours. Regular updates take no more than several hours, as compared to the manual practice of months to years.

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Analytics Strategy

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Ajilius data warehouse automation

Ajilius data warehouse automation allows for the quick creation of data warehouses. By eliminating the need for manual coding, Ajilius presents itself as one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market. Data automation in itself is the most convenient shortcut to quick answers, which are crucial for making data-driven decisions.

Ajilius delivers on a variety of data warehouse platforms, including open-source and cloud-based databases. These include SQL Server (Windows and Linux), Azure SQL, SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse, PostgreSQL / EnterpriseDB, AWS Redshift, Exasol, Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse and MariaDB Column Store.

Minerra will help you understand and customize Ajilius to suit your business goals. In addition to Ajilius, we also offer Yellowfin, the solution that generates interactive dashboards by analysing the data extracted by Ajilius. With BI consultancy and training also being provided by Minerra – we make sure that you always make data-driven decisions backed up by cutting-edge BI and analysis tools.

Ajilius: synonymous with seamless integration

Ajilius provides a unified view across all of your BI platforms . Namely, it integrates with all most popular analytics and visualisation tools. Ajilius creates high-scale data warehouses, featuring table and column names, documentation and lineage.

Ajilius provides three-click migration between supported platforms, with cloud-to-cloud warehousing being supported. The platform generates high-performance data warehouses employing finely tuned code, suitable for each respective platform: DDL and DML for all ELT processing, documents, batch scripts and job schedules.

Plus, Ajilius documentation is always up to date, displaying diagrams and lineage to help you with deeper analysis. Being metadata-driven, the tool exports the code to world’s finest BI tools – Yellowfin, Tableau and QlikView/QlikSense, to name a few.

“Ajilius is built to run on cloud databases, and it works with on-premises variants as needed. We also support a three-click migration process, so our customers can easily switch database platforms. And, we provide a common metadata layer, so all users get the same version of the truth, even when information comes from different systems.”

Ajilius automated documentation

Ajilius automated documentation is interactive, aimed at simplifying business analysis. You can seamlessly test the data warehouses through the Ajilius user interface and deploy them further with ease. Ajilius auto-generates documentation and backs it up with a full dependency diagram.

Ajilius transforms data in more ways than one. The platform comes with various functions built in, but you can also add some custom code. The scripts can be run as often as needed; you may even use scheduling tools to help you out.

Ajilius is accessible from desktop, notebook, tablet and smart phone, and runs on Windows, Linux and OSX platforms. The tool works with all modern web browsers. Ajilius is multi-lingual, with internationalisation support being provided for most global languages.

Data warehouse testing made easy with Ajilius

Ajilius extracts data from a number of sources, compiling them into data warehouses. These are loaded and stored in a centralised location, making them easily accessible. Ajilius performs automated data-warehouse-testing , which eliminates inconsistencies often witnessed in manual tests.

The testing takes mere minutes and allows for automatic updates. Data warehouses compiled in such a way are easily exported to BI and analytics tools, notably Yellowfin, which fully integrates with Ajilius.

Data Integration

Getting the best Ajilius experience with Minerra

Get your customised Ajilius version coupled with expert BI consulting services with Minerra. We are seasoned business consultants with a knack for technology. We believe diversity is the key to success; our personnel will provide you with specialised advice encompassing ideas and creative skills. Let us help you always make data-driven decisions with confidence and ease.

In addition to Ajilius, at Minerra you can also obtain your personalized version of Yellowfin , the platform generating interactive dashboards in hours rather than months and years. We also provide Yellowfin training; learn how to make the best out of the leading BI solutions.

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Why choose Ajilius?

Ajilius offers a number of unique features not found in other data warehouse automation tools. The platform supports JDBC drivers (ca. 80 data sources) as to generate swift connection and retrieval. It also uses a range of target databases and migrates the data warehouses from one platform to another in three simple steps.

In other words, Ajilius is all about speed and convenience. To illustrate, Ajilius delivers projects that would take six weeks to complete using another ETL tool in up to two days. Coupled with Yellowfin, it ensures the finest end-user experience, providing interactive dashboards with a story.

Get your data accessible to all decision makers with one simple step. Learn how to make the best use of your data at all times by utilizing industry-leading, customised BI and analysis tools.

Obtain expert BI consultancy and training to maximise your operational performance and learn how to always make data-driven decisions.

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