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Business analytics training Australia

Information and Advice from Minerra

If you are looking for expert business analytics training Australia, Minerra is the right choice for you. Our substantial industry experience makes us stand out from the competition. We don’t offer just simple software tutoring. Rather, we develop customised training services that convey the soft skills required to back up your business decisions.

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Customised business intelligence training

At Minerra, we believe in a personalised approach to business intelligence training services. We offer decision-focused courses suitable for beginners and professionals alike. Our programs encompass a balanced approach to services, training and products certain to boost your organisational performance in no time.

The services and products offered at Minerra include the Ajilius data warehouse automation tool, the Yellowfin BI and analytics platform, data integration and preparation, warehouse design and development, and customised dashboard and report design.

BI analytics tools offered by Minerra are cutting-edge, fully customisable, and deliver optimum results. I.e., merely switching to automated data warehousing (Ajilius) will save you precious time and provide you with richly visualised, report-ready insights.

Our supporting services include, among others, data modelling and data warehouse design review. Minerra is the leader in market innovation, driven by the goal of simplifying the decision-making process. Making data-driven decisions is the key to superb operational performance. The tools, consultancy services and training offered by Minerra will help you reach your business goals with convenience and ease.

Analytics training at Minerra

Minerra offers analytics training on fundamentals of analysis and data-driven decision making, best practice dashboards, report and data visualisation principles, and developing a data-driven culture in your organisation. As stated above, our training services are personalised.

Obtain the best analytics training Australia and learn how to make the best out of any situation. Minerra also offers Ajilius and Yellowfin training, aimed at enabling you to build data warehouses using the Ajilius data warehouse automation platform and utilise Yellowfin’s interactive dashboards to their full potential.

Yellowfin training services at Minerra include Yellowfin content creation, Yellowfin view creation and system administration, Yellowfin data exploration and analysis and Yellowfin for busy managers.

About Minerra

Our team comprises experienced business people passionate about helping the clients develop core skills necessary for increasing their effectiveness and performance. We apply a creative approach to all challenges, and provide BI analytics training services, as well as consulting.

The courses offered at Minerra come in various shapes and sizes, notably group training, one-on-one mentoring, seminar-style courses, structured learning and customised training. We also host presentations and conference seminars.


Minerra offers industry-leading BI analytics tools that make data discovery, analysis and sharing a seamless task. Ajilius and Yellowfin are one of their cutting-edge BI solutions that increase business productivity by optimising data and offering richly visualised interactive dashboards. Both are fully automated and customisable, as to suit every client’s specific needs.


Ajilius is a web-based data warehouse automation tool that extracts data from most data sources (Excel spreadsheets, CSV files, ODBC/JDBC sources). Ajilius builds star-schema data warehouses, following the Kimball methodology. The model steps up data warehouse development and eliminates the need for manual coding.

Ajilius also features a number of built-in of functions, while also allowing for custom coding. Data warehouses are stored in a centralised location for easy accessibility. The documentation auto-generated by Ajilius is backed up by a full dependency diagram.

Ajilius easily updates multiple data warehouse instances, as it supports multi-user data warehouse environments. It is especially useful for OEM applications, which require multiple customer data warehouses.

The tool generates SQL code for a number of platforms, including Microsoft SQL Server, Azure SQL, Redshift, Snowflake, ExaSol, PostgreSQL/EnterpriseDB and Pivotal Greenplum.

Finally, Ajilius features the three-click migration option, which allows data migration between different DB platforms, cloud-to-cloud warehousing included. Ajilius generates documents, DDL and DML for ELT processing, batch scripts and job schedules. Ajilius is fully integrated with the Yellowfin BI and analytics platform.


Yellowfin is a BI tool that analyses data from all sources and delivers them through an integrated platform. It displays interactive dashboards, which are mobile and shareable across the board. Yellowfin answers your target questions, rather than providing general answers. The tool runs a series of algorithms before displaying the most relevant results. You can choose which ones you want analysed further and thus save precious time on data mining.

Yellowfin’s reporting system is state of the art. It sends proactive alerts (pop-ups included, where applicable) via your chosen medium.

The tool can be accessed from any device and the dashboards shared even with people who don’t have access to Yellowfin. Easy sharing is one of the biggest benefits Yellowfin offers. Whether you need to share metadata, dashboards, storyboards, schedules or agendas, Yellowfin will perform it instantaneously.

Most importantly, Yellowfin is fast in its ways. Forget about lengthy manual coding and late updates. The data generated by Yellowfin are richly visualised and highly browsable. I.e., performance dashboards are summarised and measure KPIs. Accessing data on products, customers, performance and events takes mere minutes.

Additionally, the data are report-ready and easy to compare, too. With the process being fully automated, the comparison will take considerably less than manual ELT.

Ajilius and Yellowfin analytics training Australia

The benefits of Ajilius and Yellowfin are easy to grasp. In order for such superb tools to truly shine, the users need to know how to best utilise them. Minerra offers specialised analytics training Australia that will help you learn all there is to know about world’s best BI and analytics tools.

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