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Analytics System Development Lifecycle

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Our unique combination of proven industry experience and an approach grounded in academic research will set you up for success.

Minerra is highly experienced in engaging with organisations at various stages of analytics maturity. When we take a journey with our clients, we realize that analytics success is not just a technical activity. In fact, the business and people components are just as, if not more important than the technical components.

Our unique approach involves a combination of industry best practice from our extensive experience and methodologies backed up by reputable academic decision support system research. This guides our practice and helps us ensure that your analytics journey will lead to well-supported decisions in your organisation – giving you the confidence you need to run your business.

Analytics Maturity Assessment

An analytics maturity assessment helps you measure progress along your analytics journey with us. When we commence our engagement with you, we identify your current organisational analytics maturity and agree on maturity level targets.

As we work with you, we periodically hold a joint review session to evaluate organisational progress against your targets. This ensures that we stay on track and gives you confidence that your organization is on the path to analytics success.

Analytics Success Factors

Academic research has identified 10 elements that are critical to the success of an analytics project. These elements span across strategy and culture development, resourcing, delivery methodologies and management support.

Minerra addresses each of these elements areas prior to the commencement of the delivery phase of our engagements. This is an important activity within our methodology as it ensures that both the business and technical pieces are in place. This reduces risk and maximizes the success and the business value you will receive from your analytics engagement with us.

  • Committed and informed executive sponsor
  • Widespread management support
  • Appropriate team skills
  • Appropriate technology
  • Adequate resources
  • Effective data management
  • Clear link with business objectives
  • Well-defined information and systems requirements
  • Evolutionary development
  • Management of project scope

Evolutionary Development

Research into data analytics success factors shows that one of the key drivers of analytics success is the use of a development approach that is incremental and evolutionary. In delivering projects for our clients, we use evolutionary methods to design and develop analytics systems which focus on delivering business value through quick release cycles and flexible, iterative development.

We generally commence with a project that is of low-to-medium risk but offers medium-to-high business value. Our proven methodology will give you confidence in our delivery approach as we deliver value frequently and earn the right to continue at each step.

Analytics System Development Lifecycle

Minerra’s Analytics System Development Lifecycle framework is derived from extensive best practices research conducted by the Decision Support Systems Laboratory in the Faculty of IT at Monash University.

This approach incorporates evolutionary development and has been designed specifically to provide guidance for the successful development of analytics systems. The main focus of the framework is to provide relevant information to executive users to make better business decisions in an ever-changing business environment.

Using this approach, Minerra delivers value in fast, short iterations and responds rapidly to business information requirements that inevitably change. This ensures that your analytics systems do not lag behind and provide the information to support the decisions you need to make now, not last week or last month.

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