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BI Consulting Services

Information and Advice from Minerra

Get your business on the right foot: find a BI consulting partner you can trust.

Obtaining expert BI consulting services from a consulting partner you can trust is vital to the success of your analytics initiative. It will not only ensure that the reports and dashboard delivered fully support the decisions you need to make, but also provide specialised advice on how to use data to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Minerra’s BI consulting services will help you monitor and manage business performance, respond to market changes and have confidence in the critical business decisions you need to make.

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Top business intelligence training Singapore

Headquartered in the Lion City, Minerra also organizes business intelligence training Singapore. We are passionate about training and pride ourselves on providing much more than just “how-to” software training.

We draw from our extensive industry experience and background in academic research to create customised training programs that empower you with the soft skills required to support business decisions within your organisation.

At Minerra, our unique approach involves us developing a tailored solution to meet your specific needs. Whether you are just starting on your analytics journey, or are looking to take your existing environment to the next level, we can help. We will provide the right balance of products, services and training to empower you and your staff to maximise the return on your investment.

Some of the diverse products and services that we offer to help you reach your goals are as follows:

  • Data integration and preparation
  • Ajilius data warehouse automation
  • Data warehouse design and development
  • Custom-built dashboard design
  • Custom-built report design

In addition, we also provide supporting services, including data visualization, data modelling, data warehouse design review and data warehouse testing.

Minerra is your one-stop shop for all things BI. Get in touch to request specialized analytics consulting, training services or a product demonstration.

Generating ROI: best business practices

  • Marketing analytics

In the increasingly digitized world of today, marketing analytics is critical to the success of an organisation. However, many organizations do not have ready access to the valuable information stored in the various platforms that are being used.

One aspect that is important to measure is the return on advertising spend (ROAS). Advertising on digital platforms is vital, but can very quickly burn through your marketing budget. You need access to analytics to enable you to identify the advertising strategies that are giving you the best ROI, so you can channel your marketing dollars towards strategies that work.

Marketing analytics can also provide insights into sales and lead generation, customer preferences, trends and segmentation. These aspects are closely related, and an integrated approach works best to identify what information is required to support decision-making in marketing.

To make the best use of your data, therefore, you need to identify the right way to measure your marketing return on investment. Several options are available, including the following:

The MMM (marketing-mix modelling) measures the effectiveness of investments by channel. Although it can be used for both near-term planning and long-term strategic purposes, it has certain restrictions.

Firstly, it is slow in delivering applicable information (usually it takes years to collect high-quality sales and marketing investment data). Secondly, it does not measure minor changes in activities nor the extended effects of single reference point (touch point) investments.

The RCQ (reach, cost and quality) disperses reference points into their respective components, providing data on the number of consumers reached, cost per reference point and the quality of the engagement. Its drawback is that it doesn’t take network interactions into account.

Attribution modelling uses algorithms to determine how the budget used to convert traffic to sales is assigned to online reference points (e.g., websites, social-networks and email campaigns). Attribution modelling is an emerging approach to analytics.

As such, it has not yet been developed to its full potential, but is gaining momentum fast. Its drawback is that it is heavily dependent on cookies, which makes attributing the importance of the reference points a challenging task.

  • Automated ELT/ETL

Marketing analytics is the deciding factor for future sales. However, in order for the data to be useful, they need to be structured and easily comparable. The usual methods for collecting data from various sources and displaying them in an integrated view are the ELT (extract-load-transform) and the ETL (extract- transform- load).

These are time-consuming processes with many unpredictable variables. Often, it takes months and even years to get a reliable picture, which translates into months and years of pending ROI. What is to be done to step up the process?

At Minerra, we believe the future of structured data lies in automation. Our solutions incorporate exactly that, providing our customers with state-of-art interactive dashboard software that enables instant analysis, reporting, and data sharing. Customizable fact tables and summarized business events are only some of the options offered.

Our BI analytics tools transform data from various organisational sources into a data structure optimised for reporting and analytics. Your data warehouses will always be updated with all relevant information pulled from all sources — spreadsheets, CRMs, HRs, ERPs and cloud sources. What’s more, the time required for data warehouse testing is dramatically reduced as all ETL / ELT code is automatically generated by our data warehouse automation software, thus producing error-free and consistent code.

Professional BI consulting services guarantee fast ROI

Professional BI consulting services are certain to set your business on the right track ASAP. Minerra offers cost-effective solutions, personalized training and business consultancy for companies of all sizes and structures. Be ahead of the competition at all times. Get that ROI rolling in days and weeks, not months and years.

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Request your expert BI consultant.

Contact us for an expert BI consultant to help you get the information you need to execute your strategic plan. Minerra’s experienced consultants will help you access and understand your data, and then use this data to make decisions. Our tailored approach can cover your entire analytics environment from data preparation and integration, to data visualisation, dashboard design and training.

Minerra’s solutions will give you the tools and knowledge to analyse and visualise your data with ease. We can empower you to create dashboards and reports covering all areas of the business, including marketing, operations, finance and sales.

When we undertake BI consulting, we choose to work with best-of-breed tools that have been carefully selected by our team. Using the right technology mix, we will design and implement a high-quality solution that will deliver significant business value in a short time-frame. Furthermore, we will give you the knowledge and skills to maximise the value from your investment in analytics.

Want to learn more? We can help you start your analytics journey on the right foot and set you up for success.