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Data Warehouses

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We deliver high-quality, decision-focused data warehouses with unparalleled speed and ROI.

No more endless projects, budget blowouts, and frustrated stakeholders.

De-risk your data warehouse project with Minerra.

ETL development can be the most costly and time-consuming component of your data warehousing project. Minerra can show you how it doesn’t need to be.

By automating many aspects of the design, build and maintenance, we are able to deliver affordable, high-quality data warehouses in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

As your business changes and evolves, your data warehouse will keep up to ensure that you always have accurate, complete and relevant data at your fingertips.

With Minerra, data warehouses are no longer restricted to large organisations with budgets to match.

Contact us to discuss how we can turn your data warehouse from a burden to a business enabler.

Data Warehousing Services

  • Design and implementation of dimensional data marts, data warehouses and analytics data stores
  • Reviewing and recommending improvements for design and architecture of existing dimensional data marts, data warehouses and analytics data stores.
  • Implementation of data warehouse automation systems
  • ETL (extract, transform load) / ELT (extract, load, transform)
Data Warehouses

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