Enrich your platform with integrated analytics

Embedded Analytics

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Improve the value of your platform with powerful analytics functionality without reinventing the wheel.

Help your customers make better decisions.

Embedding analytics in your platform can be a daunting prospect. Minerra makes it easy with Yellowfin BI and our proven methodology.

We know that it isn’t enough to simply plug a generic analytics solution into your product. Furthermore, diverting precious development resources away from your core platform become analytics developers is also not the right answer.

For your product to be successful, you need to understand who will be using your product, what problems they are trying to solve, what functionality they require, and how you can support a solution that meets those needs.

This is where Minerra comes in – we have extensive experience in designing and implementing embedded analytics that are highly usable, flexible, scalable and decision-centric. We understand the keys to success.

Embedded Analytics Services

  • Embedded analytics system design & implementation
  • Application white-labeling and branding
  • Integration design
  • Design of analytics productization / monetization strategy
  • Go-live support planning & training
Embedded Analytics

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