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Business Analysis Tools

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Business analysis tools for optimum efficacy.

Increasing the efficacy of a business starts with superb analytics and data automation. Getting the best-of-the-best business analysis tools is the smartest (and fastest) way to achieving the goal. Better business intelligence allows for making optimum data-driven decisions that inevitably lead to long-term success.

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Deciding on the best data analytics tools

Data analytics tools are abundant; the final decision depends on various factors, such as goals, budget and business plan. No matter the variations, business consulting must come first. A clear strategy is the foundation upon which to build sustainable business solutions.

How do you go about finding the right group of professionals? As it happens, there is just the business that may help you with the process, from start to finish. Enter Minerra, the company offering smart and cost-effective business intelligence and analytics solutions.

Why choose Minerra?

Founded by a team of “business people first and technologists second,” Minerra offers a unique, business-focused approach to analytics. Our team of seasoned consultants boasts extensive business experience: we apply personal approach to suit every client’s specific needs.

Minerra was founded in 2009 with one goal in mind: to offer a versatile perspective to business analytics. We make business analytics simple by organizing, envisaging and employing customized business intelligence software. But, first of all, Minerra offers business consulting and training that helps our clients make data-driven decisions.

Minerra business solutions

Minerra offers made-to-order data warehousing solutions that seamlessly integrate your organisational data. Data might be omnipresent, but are also hard to access. Unless structured and integrated with other data, they don’t provide much value. That is where Minerra steps in.
Minerra’s solutions sort dashboards and reports, operations, logistics, performance and marketing data in a way that makes it easy to utilize. Ajilius (data warehouse automation platform) and Yellowfin (business intelligence and analytics platform) help businesses deploy data warehouses within days and connect people with their data in an easily understandable manner.

Data warehouses explained

If left as-is, data are normally scattered throughout various locations: ERPs (finance), CRMs, HRs (customers), spreadsheets, Google Analytics, social media and other cloud sources.

Data warehousing extracts data from the system, loads them into a centralized location and presents them in an analytics-optimized format. That is done by creating a single uniformly structured up-to-date source of data, presented in an integrated view.

A data warehouse consists of tables containing structured data that have been optimized for analytics and reporting. A data warehouse may be ordered in various forms.

The most common one is the so-called Kimball model, which comprises fact tables and summarized business events. These contain descriptive attributes, allowing for further customization. I.e., you may look for the top customers by revenue and the overall revenue trend at the same time.

A data warehouse may be used both as a visualization tool and as a guide to making successful business decisions. By listing relevant data in an easily understandable way, a warehouse allows for, e.g., data mining, cluster analysis, segmentation analysis, monitoring and managing organizational performance, and easy data sharing

Minerra’s data analysis software at a glance

Minerra’s data analysis software will help you design and deploy data warehouses in days and connect with your data with ease. We offer two platforms: one for data automation and the other for data analysis.

Ajilius is a data warehouse automation platform that provides rapid, regularly updated information delivery. It automates most of the ETL/ELT development tasks, reducing the risk of errors and optimising consistency. It also considerably shortens the delivery and change time of your data warehouse project to weeks, and in some cases, even less.

Yellowfin is one of the most sophisticated business analysis tools on the market. It provides rich visualization and effortless mobile data access.

The interactive dashboards are easy to analyse and share; the goal is to enable every decision maker in the company to make data-driven decisions with minimum time invested. Yellowfin integrates with Ajilius, making the decision-making process as straightforward as it can get.

Minerra also provides training, with various modules being available: Yellowfin for Busy Managers , Yellowfin Content Creation, Yellowfin View Creation and System Administration, Yellowfin Data Exploration and Analysis, and Fundamentals of Analytics and Data-Driven Decision Making.

BI technology can help even the smallest of businesses to make it big considerably faster. Business consultancy is the first step to a long-term success.

Hence, Minerra’s value lies first in our customized approach and second in our software solutions. In order to utilize the data to generate best results in the shortest time possible, it is advisable to first get acquainted with the stratagems of BI and analytics systems implementation, and dashboard and report development.

Good business analysis tools generate results in days, not months

Good business analysis tools are certain to point your company towards achieving its strategic goals considerably faster.

Minerra knows there are as many approaches as there are companies. We offer smart solutions that are built upon your goals and strategic direction. Get your personalized BI technology just the way you want it.

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