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Expert business analyst skills to empower data-driven decision making

Information and Advice from Minerra

Expert business analyst skills are what it takes to set your company apart from the competition. Minerra provides specialised advice on how to always make data-driven decisions and organises decision-focused training on the monitoring and management of business performance. Learn how to respond to changing markets and always remain confident in the critical business decisions that need to be made.

The importance of business analysis

Business analysis is nowadays synonymous with data automation. With the market changing at a rapid pace, keeping up-to-date using manual methods is next to impossible. Minerra provides customised data warehousing solutions, which bring together all business aspects and turn them into structured data.

Integration is the key to optimum performance. Minerra’s solutions combine logistics, operations, performance and marketing data, together providing the ultimate BI and analytics experience.

We observe analytics as a service. By that, we imply that our solutions are simple to use, easily accessible and fully shareable and integrated. More specifically, we are talking about fact tables and summarized events that are simultaneously available to all decision makers, within the company and across multiple branches.

Why is this important? For data discovery techniques to become fully employable and remain useful in the long run, report-ready analytics is an absolute must. When accompanied with superb visualization, the task will run even smoother. That is, in a nutshell, what Minerra offers, along with specialised training to make the process of decision-making as seamless as it gets. We provide specialised analytics consulting services and product demonstration.

As for the products offered, these include Ajilius (data warehouse automation platform) and Yellowfin (BI and analytics platform). When combined, they deploy data warehouses and transform them into analysis- and report-ready interactive dashboards. The process takes mere hours, as compared to the months and years that are sometimes required with manual analysis.

Next-generation business analysis tools for optimum results

As stated above, data automation is what defines the best of the best business analysis tools. ELT automation is an elaborate process of compiling all pieces of information and turning them into report-ready data warehouses. To achieve this goal, automation tools first extract organisational data, store them temporarily and finally integrate them into structured data.

As opposed to traditional (manual) ELT, data automation is far less time-consuming, always up-to-date and by far less expensive. To top it off, data automation allows for the multiple comparisons of both data warehouses and the leading industry design patterns.

Combining data automation with business analyst skills

Effective communication, as one of the key business analyst skills, will get its boost from the richly visualised data that Minerra’s business analysis tools generate. Keeping in mind that analysts spend a good deal of their time communicating information to the management, developers and clients, the interactive dashboards shareable across the board are a godsend.

More often than not, a project’s success depends a good deal on analysts’ ability to communicate project requirements, updates and various testing results. With Ajilius and Yellowfin, these challenges become an easy task.

Elaborating further, no matter the automation, analysts’ problem-solving skills will always be in demand. As already mentioned, at Minerra, we pay particular attention to enabling our clients to always be able to make data-driven decisions. To that end, we have set in place a range of training programs, including Yellowfin for Busy Managers, Yellowfin Data Exploration and Analysis, Yellowfin Content Creation, Yellowfin View Creation and System Administration, and Fundamentals of Analytics and Data-Driven Decision Making.

Additionally, we host one-on-one and group trainings per the client’s request. Make the best decisions at a glance and bring communication to the next level, simply by using interactive dashboards.

What exactly can you expect to get from Minerra’s BI solutions?

For starters, we provide fully customisable analysis tools and personalised BI consultancy. From data integration and preparation to data warehouse automation, data warehouse design and development, to custom-built dashboard and report design, Minerra makes certain that all your business needs are met and even exceeded.

We believe the key to a true success lies in understanding. Therefore, we first listen, and listen carefully, and only then get to working on a customised solution to suit your needs. After all, there is no magic formula to define business intelligence. Every business is an entity of its own and should be treated accordingly.

Minerra has been around since 2009, when we decided to found a business that will offer a versatile perspective to business analytics. Marketing analytics is our greatest passion, as we consider ourselves businesspeople first and technologists second. We offer a unique approach to analytics, backed up by our extensive business experience.

Most importantly, we understand that self-service is the future of BI and data analytics technologies. For that reason, we offer innovative tools that allow for custom-made dashboards, featuring the desired descriptive attributes. We make custom information implementation an easy task, and also incorporate metadata management and search capabilities that will help you find the exact piece of information you need — all in a matter of minutes.

Are traditional business analyst skills becoming obsolete?

With data warehouse automation in full swing, the question on whether traditional business analyst skills are to go extinct seems to be rather pressing to some. The answer is — no. Only by combining the right skill set with the latest in BI technology can one hope to get to the top and stay there.

Minerra provides business consultancy services that will help you learn how to combine the finest on both fronts. It’s worth reiterating that data-driven decision making is the ultimate goal. See how we can help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently.

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