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Business intelligence technologies for enhanced operational efficiency

Information and Advice from Minerra

Business intelligence technologies are in high demand nowadays, as the wired world is tripling the pace of the demand/supply game.

Businesses now urgently need optimized data assets, to be able to improve customer relationships and, consequently, business outcomes.

Data automation tools are best employed for this purpose – to get access to your data quickly. The trend is on the rise, allowing business to extract significant value from their data.

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Robust business intelligence architecture

Proper business intelligence architecture is crucial to long-term success. The term implies an optimized approach to the best practices, policies and standards used to analyse business data and support an improved decision-making process. It brings together a range of techniques that create computer-based systems for data analysis and reporting.

Minerra offers analytics systems that are built from the ground up to be decision-focused. We are a group of business experts with extensive business experience as a foundation on top of our solid technical knowledge.

We know the demands of the market, none better. We are adamant about the flaws in classic business reporting and data warehouses methods as being unsatisfactory to support business decision making. With the ETL methods taking considerable time, being way too expensive and providing incomplete data, it is only logical to conclude that non-automated technologies will soon be a thing of the past.

Even if that weren’t the case, why not automate the lengthy process, making it cost-effective, shorter and more reliable? We see no reason why not. Minerra offers, implements and maintains customized business analytics tools as well as BI consultancy and training.

We see to every client getting exactly what they need when they need it. But first of all, we listen. All of your specific requests will be met (and exceeded); and all of your professional goals realised with the help of our business consultants. Only upon understanding your business goals in detail will we proceed to develop a tailored solution to meet your needs.

What we are talking about are the next-generation data warehousing solutions that combine all business aspects into structured data. We offer made-to-order platforms that seamlessly integrate marketing, performance, operations and logistics data. With our highly customizable software, you will be able to automate data warehouses with ease, utilizing the best BI and analytics experience.

Optimize your business intelligence and analytics experience

Minerra’s business intelligence and analytics solutions take into account all critical factors: simplicity, accessibility, integrity and shareability. Our BI solutions make fact tables and summarized events available to all decision-makers across your company. In addition, they may be shared across the board – to other internal and external stakeholders if required.

Minerra’s business intelligence technologies work best when combined. An example: Ajilius provides fast information delivery and Yellowfin analyses the data. It goes without saying that the two are integrated, allowing you to get access to your data quickly and easily.

Last but not least, our solutions showcase an integrated dashboard design that optimises usability and makes it easy for you to use data to make decisions. See our separate articles in the blog section for specifics. Our BI technology is custom-built and all variations can be implemented. Contact us with your requests for personalized solutions. We will design your perfect fit in no time.

Finally, Minerra hosts specially tailored training sessions for our clients, depending on their specific requirements. Some of the examples include Yellowfin Content Creation, Yellowfin View Creation and System Administration, Yellowfin Data Exploration and Analysis, Yellowfin for Busy Managers, and Fundamentals of Analytics and Data-Driven Decision Making.

Looking for a business intelligence analyst? Minerra has got you covered!

Every organization that means business consults a business intelligence analyst. Keeping informed about emerging BI technologies is only natural, since all market trends seem to agree on one point only —that additional data are needed.

Data volumes have already reached cosmic proportions. Merely social media metrics are capable of providing a priceless insight into online customer behaviour. New cutting-edge BI and data analytics technologies are constantly being developed to address the process efficiency and to enable fully automated decision making. Where does that leave us?

Firstly, everything points out to data discovery. Yet, the task in itself is close to useless if unaccompanied by superb visualization and report-ready analytics. Nowadays, decision makers crave more control. They seek to create their own dashboards with their chosen descriptive attributes, seeking the right data to make decisions.

Responding to the ever-changing market needs in the hectic online era is a highly demanding task. BI and data analytics technologies are shifting ever closer to self-service data consumption and exploration. Innovative data discovery tools already allow for decision makers to not only understand the “what”, but also the “why” behind patterns in their data.

These new technologies allowing for automated data discovery provide the capability where tools of the past fall short. With Yellowfin BI, a decision maker is able to, for example, find out why sales revenue was lower in one location compared to another. This is done automatically using sophisticated algorithms, that explore all other available data to detect data patterns to explain the difference. What’s more, the output is provided to the user in natural language.

To support these new technologies, the emphasis is shifting to data warehouse management to ensure that the data available is consistent, complete and well-stuctured.

Minerra’s data warehouse management solutions bring together best of breed automated technologies, allowing for data contained in your environment to be structured and organised to support your decisions.

We know first-hand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to business intelligence. Every organization has unique targets, goals, strategies, and hence, specific requests. Let us in on yours — we will develop the perfect solution for your organization in no time.

Cutting-edge business intelligence technologies step up ROI

Everything considered (and we’ve barely scratched the surface here), making use of cutting-edge business intelligence technologies is an absolute must. Customer data intelligence is what drives N&A analytics. With over 90% of the population hanging out online, pattern recognition modules will inevitably keep expanding.

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