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Automated development reduces data warehouse costs, increases code quality and consistency, and reduces delivery and change time from months to days.

Ajilius data warehouse automation reduces the risk of data warehouse project failure by automating most of the ETL / ELT development tasks.

Ajilius data warehouse automation delivers an unprecedented level of sophistication to your data warehouse project by automating many aspects of the design, build and maintenance of your data warehouse – allowing your data warehouse project to be delivered in days, not months. Also, Ajilius allows changed functionality to be delivered in hours not days.

Ajilius is cost-effective, easy to use, and virtually removes the need for manual coding. You can make changes easily, migrate data quickly and painlessly, and all in the fraction of the time it would typically take using conventional methods.

Project overruns, budget blowouts and frustrated stakeholders will all become problems of the past.

Why is Ajilius the solution for your organisation?

Rapid data delivery

Reduce development costs

High quality code

Choice of data warehouse

One-click export

Unbeatable ROI

Rapid data warehouse delivery and agile changes

Ajilius automates much of the design, build and maintenance of your data warehouse. You can pull data from virtually any data source or cloud-based platform and deploy new functionality rapidly.

Dramatically reduced development costs

Ajilius is the solution to dramatically reduce your development costs. As all development is metadata-driven, minimal coding is required. As such, fewer ELT developers are needed and a high-quality solution can be delivered in days, not months.

Consistent high quality code and automated documentation

Ajilius builds the entire Extract, Load and Transform process by combining metadata that describes your data warehouse with industry best practice design patterns. This results in high-quality, consistent and error-free code with auto-generated documentation.

Choice of data warehouse platform with no lock-in

Ajilius delivers to a variety of on-premise database servers and cloud-based platforms including SQL Server Data Warehouse, SnowFlake EDW and AWS Redshift. You can also migrate your existing DW to a new platform in three clicks – Ajilius takes the existing data warehouse metadata and automatically rewrites the ELT code for you.

One-click metadata export

Ajilius provides a metadata export straight into Yellowfin, Tableau, Qlikview and Qliksense, allowing you to analyse your data in minutes and save time in report development.

Unbeatable ROI

Ajilius will deliver your data warehouse project in days, and delivers an unbeatable ROI from the first project. The competitive and cost-effective pricing of Ajilius makes it accessible to both large and small businesses.

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