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Analytics Consulting, Design and Development Services

Our experts provide analytics consulting, design and development services to guide your organisation to analytics success.

Your trusted partner for your analytics journey

A great analytics solution is more than just technology. Analytics is an organisational capability that combines people, culture and technology to use data to make better decisions. Minerra combines business knowledge with technology to support decision-makers.

Get analytics right the first time. Our expert consultants will work with you to create an analytics strategy, design an analytics architecture and develop an analytics culture. Our consultants have worked with many organisations at different stages of their analytics journey. This means you benefit from the experience of many organisations.

Ensure the most important data in your organisation is integrated, improved and easy  to access to support business decision making. Minerra’s consultants are experienced with various data warehousing and data integration design and development methods.

We help solve your important business problems by combining your data with the correct analysis techniques and compelling data visualisations. Minerra’s consultants can perform data analysis, and design dashboards, data visualisations and data stories to improve decisions in your organisation.

Improve the value of your software platform with powerful analytics. Work with our team of consultants to quickly deploy embedded analytics functionality that will provide significant value to your customers. Our consultants have developed award-winning embedded analytics and your system can benefit from this expertise.

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Want to learn more? We can provide you with expert consulting design and development services to ensure analytics is successful in your organisation.

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