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Data Science, Analytics & Visualisation Consulting Services

Data science, analytics and visualisation consulting services that use your data to increase revenue, improve profitability, lower costs and more.

We use your data to improve your business and solve important problems

Our consultants have extensive experience in dashboard design, data visualisation and data analysis. We use an academic and industry best practice approach to ensure the data science, analytics and visualisation consulting services we provide always add value to you business.

Here is how Minerra has helped its clients with Data Science, Analytics & Visualisation

Minerra Consulting Analytics Dashboard Image

Dashboard Design

At Minerra, we use best-practice design principles to design dashboards that are intuitive, easy to understand, and give you the information you need at a glance. Rich interactivity allows you to drill into detail when you need to explore your business metrics and make high-quality data-driven decisions.

Data Visualisation & Storytelling

Data visualisation is a form of communication, not just a technical skill. Our consultants have extensive experience in designing data visualisations that communicate important business information to support decision making. Minerra also offers a variety of data visualisation training courses that can build the data visualisation capability in your organisation. We use industry leading data visualisation tools such as Yellowfin, Microsoft Power BI and Tableau.

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Minerra Consulting Analytics Analysis Image

Data Analysis

Do you have a business challenge that requires the assistance of an expert data analyst? Our seasoned consultants can help you collect, organise, integrate and analyse data to solve complex business problems.

Data Science

Do you want to predict customer churn or renewal risk? Or perhaps, segment your customers to provide more relevant and targeted marketing material? Do your salespeople want to call the prospects who are most likely to buy? Our data scientists and business consultants specialise in using data science and advanced analytics to solve you most challenging problems.

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