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Data Warehouse and Data Integration Consulting Services

Minerra's consultants provide data warehouse and data integration consulting services to combine many data sources to make data-driven decisions easier.

Data is more valuable, together

Business intelligence (BI), analytics and data science will always provide a higher value outcome when the data from many different internal and external sources are integrated to create a high-quality repository of data in the form of a data warehouse.

How has Minerra has helped its clients with Data Warehousing and Data Integration?

Minerra Consulting Data Warehouse Data Warehousing Image

Data Warehousing

data warehouse makes it easier for your organisation to access governed and standardised data for performance monitoring and decision making. Our consultants can design and implement data warehouses that are aligned with your analytics requirements. We do this using sophisticated data warehouse automation tools including BimlFlex. We can also review and recommend improvements to your existing data warehouse.

Data Integration

Combining data from different sources is data integration. Data integration improves the value of your data by providing a single view of your data in a business context. This improves your ability to monitor business performance and make informed decisions. Our consultants will help you access and integrate data across all your organisational systems and data sources.

Data Quality Assessment

Data quality is an important component of any analytics project. Our consultants have extensive experience in assessing data quality and implementing solutions to resolve issues in historical data and improve data collection at the source.

Data Audits

Organisations are increasingly relying on data to make business decisions. For this reason, it is imperative they have confidence in the data being used. Our data audit services will assess your organisation’s use of data from a variety of angles including efficiency, security, quality and monetisation. We will provide recommendations to get the maximum benefit from your data.

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