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Yellowfin Extension Development

Custom Dashboard Widgets, Javascript Charts, Jasper Reports and Custom Components

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Dashboard Canvas Widgets

Yellowfin canvas dashboards being unparalleled flexibility to create highly interactive dashboards that engage your users. 

Our team are experienced at using Javascript and CSS to help our customers make their dashboards look incredible. We can create custom UI elements for filters, buttons, selection menus or input forms.

Javascript Charts

Yellowfin natively provides a large number of charts out of the box charts, however sometimes you have a specific requirement or are looking for something more specialised.


Our experienced developers are able to create customised visualisations using any Javascript charting libraries including d3, charts.js, Google Charts, Fusion Charts and more.

Yellowfin Javascript chart showing a body map
Financial report built in Jasper Reports

Banded Yellowfin Reports

Did you know that you can display banded reports in Yellowfin for financial or other information that needs to be presented in a specific way?


Talk to us about our banded Yellowfin report design services today.

Custom Components

We are able to create custom advanced functions, formatters, functions (pre-defined calculated fields), data transformation steps, third-party data source connectors, Javascript charts and dashboard code widgets.

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