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Yellowfin Scaling and Performance Tuning

Expert Yellowfin consultants to assist you to optimise the performance of your Yellowfin environment

Do you want to improve performance of Yellowfin

Get in touch with us. Our experts have improved the performance of countless Yellowfin environments.

Performance Tuning

Make sure your Yellowfin environment is performing at it’s best. Our consultants are highly experienced in diagnosing performance issues and making Yellowfin environments perform. We have an intimate understanding of all Yellowfin elements, including the configuration of content, configuration and server (XML) configuration, and the configuration database itself,


Are you supporting a large number of users? Minerra can help you implement your Yellowfin environment to a multi-node cluster to allow user traffic and background tasks to be optimally distributed across the cluster.


Do you have an on-premise or virtual machine install of Yellowfin that you would like to containerize? Get in touch with our experts. We have experience implementing Yellowfin into both managed and unmanaged containers using technologies like Kubernetes and AWS Fargate.

Content / Data Optimization

Our experienced Yellowfin consultants are able to optimize Yellowfin content to improve the performance of your environment. We will review your environment to understand where content design can be improved to improve the performance of individual reports and the system as a whole.

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Want to learn more? We can provide you with expert Yellowfin performance optimisation services.