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Make Sense Of Business Data With Custom Dashboard Design

Information and Advice from Minerra

There is more to dashboard design than meets the eye.

Dashboard design is not all about aesthetics. Admittedly, it counts, but what truly matters is for the dashboard to be easily interpreted correctly. This is important as a decision made on misunderstood data has a high chance of causing a negative outcome. Keeping that in mind, Minerra are specialists in designing highly intuitive dashboards using cutting-edge data analytics tools.

Seamless dashboard reporting generates optimum results.

Minerra brings dashboard reporting to the next level. Our data analytics tools will help you support your business goals at a rapid pace, allowing you to achieve your strategic objectives quickly. This is supported by an integrated data warehousing solution that organises all business data in a structure optimised for analytics.

At Minerra, it’s all about supporting decisions. We know that easy access to data is vital to allow you to make data-driven decisions with confidence. We also know that time is money and having your people manually compile data on a daily basis is expensive. And aren’t their valuable skills better utilised in other ways?

Our solutions bring together these principles and turn them into beautifully visualised dashboard reports. No matter how complex your business is, the data will be presented in a way that is understandable and intuitive.

Automated data warehousing: the future of BI technology

Minerra’s BI technology is about extracting data from all organisational sources and loading them into a single centralised location. The format in which the data are displayed is optimised for analytics (so-called “structured data”). What Minerra’s business analytics tools do is automate the entire process to provide an integrated view of all data.

This is achieved by extracting the data then loading it into a temporary location, where it is transformed into a report-friendly format. From there, it is loaded into the data warehouse and made available for reporting and analytics.

This process is known as ELT/ETL (extract-load-transform/ extract- transform- load). However, traditional ELT/ETL processes pose several problems. Firstly, they are lengthy, as they call for manual coding (up to 75% of the project time is used on coding). Secondly, they are far from being error-free (manual coding is not the most precise of approaches). Thirdly, they are costly (all that coding needs to be paid for).

Yet the output remains indispensable in terms of analytics. Simply automating the manual part is what solves the issues. Minerra’s automated BI solutions allow for a rapid build of your company’s data, which is being pulled from a variety of sources – from Excel sheets to cloud-based platforms (the latter including social media and Google Analytics).

Not only does the process take a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods, but it is also cost-efficient. Plus, being metadata-driven, automation requires minimal coding.

Because it uses automation to extract, load and transform your data, all processes use industry best design patterns to move data in the most optimal way. Finally, it bypasses the biggest issue of the previous ELT/ETL processes: your business’ specific data code will get automatically re-written if you choose to switch platforms.

Thus, no matter the platform of your choice at any given moment, your data warehouse will always move around with you – you won’t be shackled to a single platform.

User-friendly dashboard software

Minerra’s dashboard software is easily understandable to all skill levels. The interactive dashboards allow for immediate analysis, reporting and data sharing. The information is presented in a structured way, comprising fact tables and summarised business events.

Comprehensive dashboard design allows for a number of options, including all kinds of analyses (cluster, network, segmentation, sentiment, etc.), data mining and simulation modelling. The managers get to seamlessly monitor and manage organisational performance step-by-step, without wasting precious time on obsolete manual processes.

Software aside, Minerra never loses sight of customers’ specific needs. By no means do we offer the same solution to every client. We also provide business consulting. You will speak, and we will listen. Then we will come up with the best possible solution for your business, taking the following factors into account:

Dashboards design, development, maintenance and output

  • Data warehouse design, development and output
  • Report design, development and output
  • Implementation of analytics tools and BI technology
  • Dashboard usability review
  • Data visualization design review
  • Data warehouse dimensional model design review

A single data dashboard to meet all your business needs

Minerra’s data dashboard solutions help businesses comprehend organisational performance in an effortless way. We firmly believe that data analysis should be backed up by business intelligence and analytics systems that are clearly understandable – that’s exactly why our BI software solutions deliver user-friendly interactive charts and dashboards.

If you are worried about the complexity of your data, there is a simple solution to that. The data structures are designed attention to quality and consistency. In other words, we design the data structures around your business rules and organisational environment. E.g., you may need an overview of comparable marketing, performance data or logistics and marketing reports.

You may wish to compare trends, revenues and top customers. All of this information, and much more, can be integrated as to be accessible to all key people in the company. Sharing is made easy with Minerra’s business solutions.

An afterthought to Minerra dashboard design

What Minerra’s dashboard design strives to achieve (and has so far successfully attained over and over again) is to simplify the business decision-making process and make analytics straightforward. If you are having a difficult time waiting for weeks or months for changes to be applied to the existent data warehouse, our BI solutions are the right choice for you.

Contact us to discuss your requirements. Minerra’s experienced consultants will create just the solution to suit all of your needs – in a cost-effective way. Cut on the obsolete ELT/ETL processes and get an automated dashboard platform that will point your business in the right direction in a matter of minutes.

Contact Minerra for product demonstration and consulting!

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