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The importance of data automation

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The importance of data automation is paramount. With customer data intelligence becoming more and more important to achieve competitive advantage, the challenge of rapidly increasing data volumes needs to be met head on. Let us consider the approaches organisations can undertake to avoid data paralysis and to maximise ROI on your data investment.

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What is data warehouse automation?

Data warehouse automation is the much-needed upgrade to the traditional ELT/ETL methods. These are known well enough, but so are their flaws. On top of being time-consuming and costly, they respond too slowly to decision-making requirements. Making small changes to data warehouses built using manual methods can take weeks and months. Automated data warehousing shortens the process to hours and days.

Minerra will help you get the best solution for your business and teach you how to use it. We implement and manage decision-focused automated BI and analytics tools. We provide training and business consultancy. We listen to your specific requests and come up with optimal solutions.

We simplify analytics by presenting data in an integrated and structured way. And we do so by compiling information into data warehouses that are optimised to support decisions. Our BI technology allows us to design intuitive dashboards that present data beautifully. We deliver fully customizable cutting-edge solutions coupled with business consultancy and professional training.

Ajilius and Yellowfin

Enter Ajilius and Yellowfin, the software solutions that will help you make data-driven decisions within your organisation. Ajilius automates ETL/ELT tasks and creates data warehouses in a fraction of the time it would take using manual methods. The structured data are easy to analyse, compare and share. Moreover, Ajilius collects information from multiple locations, providing data on performance, marketing, operations and logistics.

Ajilius connects to data sources, extracts information, transforms it into staging tables, creates dimension and fact tables, relates dimension and fact tables, and finally exports data to Yellowfin.

The data are loaded into a centralised location and presented in a ready-to-utilize format. And when we say “multiple locations,” we mean any organisational data source such as: ERP, spreadsheets, CRM, social media, Google Analytics…

Yellowfin is synonymous with easy data access. Presented in the form of interactive dashboards, the platform analyses the data in the data warehouse created by Ajilius. The immediate result is structured data shareable across the board, and the end result – data-driven decisions that will see your business perform.

ELT automation explained

What is ELT automation? It is the process of transforming all pieces of information into a report-ready data warehouse. It starts by extracting data from your organisational systems to a temporary data storage location. Data is then transformed and cleansed, before it is loaded into the data warehouse. Although a complex process, ELT automation manages the entire workflow using best-practice design patterns.

Although data automation technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated, it is significantly more cost-effective than traditional ELT/ETL . The latter involves a good deal of time-consuming manual coding. It is often the case that entire ELT processes are abandoned midway due to failed projects, as they are expensive, error-prone, may take years to conclude, and most importantly, don’t deliver the required outcomes.

On the other hand, data warehouse automation compiles organisational data in a matter of days and weeks. It uses metadata to automate the process, with minimum coding being applied. In addition, ELT automation uses industry best-practice design patterns to create a thoroughly optimised solution.

At Minerra, we never underestimate the importance of superb data mining tools. For this purpose, we offer business consultancy and training to both point your business in the right direction and enable you to have access to your data to analyse it with ease.

Data automation, the only sustainable future of BI

Data automation is the future of BI and analytics, and there is no disputing the saying “the early bird catches the worm.” The organizations to fail to recognize the importance of the revolutionary BI technology that is now being underway are certain to regret it later. It’s all about metadata these days, after all. The competition is fierce. Are you?

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