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BimlFlex Data Warehouse Automation

Bimlflex is a flexible, extensible and customisable data warehouse automation framework that reduces the duration, cost and risk of your data warehouse.

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What is BimlFlex?

BimlFlex is a collection of templates, metadata definitions, and tooling that enables you to build an end-to-end data solution without ever writing a single line of code.

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Flexible Data Framework

Get incredible flexibility and extensibility with extension points and custom attributes.


Robust Metadata Mapping Tool

Enter requirements into a metadata database through the BimlFlex App or Excel Add-in.


Avoid Data Debt

Avoid slow traditional tools and solve your data debt problem with the speed, power, and flexibility of BimlFlex.

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Shorter Delivery Times

Automate the creation of your documentation, data assets, and transforms, enabling you to model a quality solution and meet project deadlines.

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Simplified Maintenance

Store your requirements in a machine-readable metadata database and automate the rebuilding of your solution, simplifying maintenance and fixing errors.

What BimlFlex Can Do For You

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Native Support for Dimensional and Data Vault Models

BimlFlex is a data warehouse automation framework designed from the ground up with full support for both dimensional and data vault models. You can create dimensional data warehouses direct from source systems, or first create a data vault as a persistent data store. The BimlFlex Data Vault Accelerator allows you to model your data vault from source metadata within the BimlFlex platform. This allows you to complete the initial Data Vault modelling faster than manual metadata modeling.

Extensive Destination Support

BimlFlex provides support for a large variety of On-Premise and Cloud Databases including Snowflake, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, SQL Server and more. 

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Non-proprietary Output

BimlFlex creates standard SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages to control the movement of data into the various stages of your data warehouse.

Minerra is a BimlFlex Partner

Our consultants have extensive experience implementing data warehouse solutions using BimlFlex.

BimlFlex Consulting

Minerra has implemented a wide variety of data warehouse environments using BimlFlex. Our consultants are certified in Data Vault and dimensional modelling techniques. We can show you how using data warehouse automation can reduce the cost and risk of your data warehouse project.

BimlFlex Training

Minerra offers a variety of training courses to help you implement and maintain your data warehouse automation framework using BimlFlex. Minerra also can provide training to help your learn how to design your data warehouse data model.

Get more information about BimlFlex Data Warehouse Automation

Want to learn more? I can provide you the best consulting and training to successfully implement BimlFlex.

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Introduction to BimlFlex Data Warehouse Automation