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Meiro Customer Data Platfom (CDP) for Marketers

Meiro is a customer data platform (CDP) built for 21st-century marketers to easily connect your customers' data into actionable segments and profiles.

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The Customer Data Platform for Any Cloud

Meiro customer data platform collects, cleanses, automatically consolidates, and prepares all of your customer data from online and offline sources into a persistent profile combining behavioral attributes from many touch points into actionable segments and profiles.


Customer Data Platform

A single customer view, updated in real-time, using data from all customer touchpoints. Segment, target, and personalise on the fly.



Meiro offers limitless integration both ways, extracting data from all your core systems like CRM, EDM, loyalty programs, and to your data warehouse.


Meiro Events

Collect first party customer data on the web and in apps persistently over time with 100% quality.

What Meiro Can Do For You

Minerra Products Meiro Single View Customer

Single View of Customer

A comprehensive overview of your customers based on connected information from every data source. Meiro’s machine learning algorithm automatically identifies and stitches customer records from various sources. You can create intelligent segments on the fly from your tailored customer attributes.

Automated Data Integration

An organisation’s marketing data is often stored on many different and disconnected platforms. Meiro solves this by accessing data from all your platforms and integrating it into a single high-quality data store. This forms the foundation of an effective data-driven marketing program.

Minerra Products Meiro Automated Data Integration

AI-Driven Segmentation

Design smart segments on-the-fly or let Meiro’s algorithms tell you who to target and when.

Minerra is a Premium Meiro Partner

Our consultants have extensive experience with all aspects of Meiro.

Meiro Consulting

Our Meiro consultants are business consultants first. They will work with you to understand your specific data integration requirements and create a Meiro environment that helps you understand your customers behaviour at a whole new level.

Meiro Training

Our consultants provide Meiro training of all shapes and sizes. We will empower you staff to fully utilise the Meiro Customer Data Platform to help you understand your customers at an unprecedented level.

Get more information about Meiro Customer Data Platform

Want to learn more? I can provide you the best consulting and training to successfully implement Meiro.

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Introduction to Meiro Customer Data Platform