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WhereScape Data Automation Platform

WhereScape is a flexible and customisable data warehouse automation framework that reduces the duration, cost and risk of your data warehouse.

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What is WhereScape?

WhereScape is an automation-driven data infrastructure development platform that generates code, streamlines processes, and enhances productivity in building and managing data warehouses.

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Faster Time-to-Value

WhereScape enables organizations to rapidly develop and deploy data infrastructure by automating many manual and time-consuming tasks.


Cost Efficiency

By automating the data pipeline development process, WhereScape helps reduce the need for extensive coding and manual scripting. 


Increased Productivity

WhereScape’s automation capabilities free up data engineers and analysts from mundane and repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on higher-value activities such as data analysis, modeling, and optimization.

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Agility and Flexibility

WhereScape’s automation facilitates agility by enabling rapid changes to data infrastructure without the need for extensive coding or time-consuming rework.

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Reduced Complexity

WhereScape simplifies this process by abstracting many technical complexities through its automation platform. This reduces the learning curve for new team members and mitigates the risks associated with human error.

What WhereScape Can Do For You

WhereScape Data Vault

Native Support for Dimensional and Data Vault Models

WhereScape supports both Dimensional and Data Vault models through its automation-driven platform. For Dimensional models, WhereScape automates the creation and deployment of star or snowflake schema-based data warehouses, streamlining ETL processes and accelerating development. Simultaneously, it enables the construction of Data Vault architectures by automating the generation of hubs, links, and satellites, simplifying ELT processes and facilitating the management of raw and historical data.

Extensive Destination Support

WhereScape provides support for a large variety of On-Premise and Cloud Databases including Snowflake, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, SQL Server and more. 

Platform Native Code

Non-proprietary Output

Reduce the need for manual coding in data infrastructure development by up to 95%. WhereScape RED generates SQL and other platform-specific code, including for big data analytics, eliminating the reliance on hand-coding. By utilizing platform-specific best practices and features like optimized database loaders, WhereScape automation enhances productivity and ensures code consistency.

Minerra is a WhereScape Partner

Our consultants have extensive experience implementing data warehouse solutions using WhereScape.

WhereScape Consulting

Minerra has implemented a wide variety of data warehouse environments using WhereScape. Our consultants are certified in Data Vault and dimensional modelling techniques. We can show you how using data warehouse automation can reduce the cost and risk of your data warehouse project.

WhereScape Training

Minerra offers a variety of training courses to help you implement and maintain your data warehouse automation framework using WhereScape. Minerra also can provide training to help your learn how to design your data warehouse data model.

Get more information about WhereScape Data Automation

Want to learn more? I can provide you the best consulting and training to successfully implement WhereScape.

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Introduction to WhereScape Data Automation