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Classroom, Virtual & Custom Analytics Training

Minerra offers a wide range of classroom, virtual and custom analytics training courses on analytics soft skills, product training and technical skills.

Analytics and Data Science Courses to Build Your Skills and Knowledge

“I learnt a lot in your class. I really love the way you make the content so easy to understand no matter how complicated the topics sound. You inspired me to learn more about this area.” Feedback from a participant of an Analytics Translator course for a Singapore Regional Bank.

Having the right analytics knowledge and skills for both your analytics team and other people in your organisation is critical to analytics success. Minerra has a range of ready-to-run analytics training courses that can be delivered in a format that works best for you. Our course topics include soft skills for data scientists, data literacy and analytics awareness, data visualisation and storytelling, and analytics technical skills and product training.

Every organisation has different training delivery needs. Minerra offers their standard and custom training courses in virtual, online and face-to-face delivery modes. The content of our courses are tailored to best meet the delivery mode that suits you. We also work with training companies to add specialist analytics courses delivered by experts to an existing training catalogue.

Are you looking for an analytics training program that doesn’t quite fit in the box? Our consultants have extensive experience designing customised training courses. Whether it is improving the use of data at the executive table, to technical and non-technical skills for analytics practitioners, Minerra can adapt one of our existing courses or design a completely new course to suit your specific requirements.

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Want to learn more? We can provide you with the best advice and services to ensure analytics training delivers the skills and knowledge your organisation needs.

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