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Custom Analytics Training

Custom analytics training courses designed by expert trainers and analytics consultants to engage and educate your staff in all analytics topics.

Our Customised Analytics Training Services

Our expert trainers will take the time to understand your challenges, and design engaging custom analytics training courses to educate your staff.

How has Minerra helped its clients with customised training?

Adapt Existing Courses

Both the organisational landscape and analytics industry as a whole change at a rapid pace. As such, your existing courses may need to be adapted and updated to create custom analytics training to meet your needs. Alternatively, you may wish to refactor existing courses to suit a remote learning model. Our trainers have extensive experience in adapting and updating existing course content or changing content to suit a different delivery mode. Talk to us about how we can help you.

Design New Courses

We understand that designing a course involves much more than just creating a slide deck. Students have a variety of learning styles and these need to be built into the course. This is especially important for courses delivered remotely. In addition to thousands of hours of training experience, our consultants understand the science behind creating and delivering effective training programs. Talk to us about how we can help design your next custom analytics training course.

Organisations We Have Designed Custom Analytics Training For

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