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Data Skills for Organisations

Providing critical skills to apply principles and processes to use data to make decisions

The Minerra Data Skills Program

An integrated program of competency-based workshops designed to develop data literacy skills for business people and leaders

Data Skills Program Structure

How has Minerra helped its clients with data literacy training?

Data literacy program levels

The Data Skills for Professionals Program

The Data Skills for Professionals is an integrated program of competency-based workshops designed by Minerra to develop data literacy for business people and managers.


The programme consists of four levels to help participants learn and apply principles and processes to use data to make decisions.


Each of the four levels contain one or many modules that focus on a specific area of competency. The content of the modules is aimed at teaching technology independent skills that can be applied in an organisational context.

Foundations: Essential Data Skills for Professionals

The cornerstone of the Data Skills for Professionals Program is the Essential Data Skills for Professionals course. 


This foundational course provides a practical guide to understand data and use data to answer questions and make decisions.

Participants learn how people make decisions using data, the language of data and how to apply a simple, structured process to answer questions or make decisions with data. 

Participants will also learn to ask business-relevant data questions, obtain relevant data, make sense of the data, draw conclusions supported by data and present results to stakeholders in a way that promotes action.

Participants apply the structured process using real-world problems they select from their workplace.
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Practitioner Level Data Skills Courses

Practitioner-level Courses

The second level of the program expands upon foundation knowledge and skills through a series of workshops focused core data skills in more depth.

Topics include:
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Data Acquisition, Preparation and Evaluation
  • Data Exploration, Analysis and Interpretation
  • Data Visualisation
  • Dashboard Design
  • Data Storytelling

Data Leadership Masterclasses

Our data leadership masterclasses to provide leaders at all levels of the organisation with knowledge to ensure the analytics program is successful and analytics becomes part of the organisation culture.

There are two masterclasses available:
  • Leading Analytics in Organisations
  • Creating and Sustaining an Analytics Culture

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