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Analytics Training Topics

Increase your organisation's competitive advantage with analytics training on interpersonal, product and technical skills for data-driven decision-making.

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The key to effective training is for the trainer to deeply understand the content and delivery the training in a way that participants quickly learn the content in a way that it can be applied back in the workplace. Minerra’s trainers are experienced consultants and engaging educators.

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Data Leadership Masterclasses

Data led organisations have data deeply embedded in all aspects of their operations and use data as a driver of competitive advantage and profit. To become data led, an organisation must have a data mindset, a data skillset and a data toolset.

Organisations with a desire to be data led, often have a commitment to using data and focus on acquiring the right data tools. Commitment and tools may be enough to start the data journey, but they are not sufficient to create a data led organisation. For an organisation to become sustainably data led they must have people with the data leadership, capabilities and expertise to use the data tools effectively to make the commitment to data a reality.

Data Visualisation & Storytelling

Data visualisation & storytelling are a form of communication, not just a technical skill. It is important that the data is communicated effectively and accurately to avoid misinterpretation. Our courses combine tutorials covering the science of how humans visually interpret data, with practical hands-on exercises. 

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Data Literacy & Analytics Skills

Did you know that only one-third of us can confidently understand, analyse and argue with data? The ability to understand and use data is a vital skill to make informed business decisions – and is becoming increasingly important for employees at all levels. We offer data literacy and analytics awareness courses to give your staff the confidence to work effectively with data and analytics.

Yellowfin Training

Minerra is the go-to partner for Yellowfin training globally. Our Yellowfin courses extend way further than a standard product training course and include best-practices, architecture and design guidelines, technical deep-dives, and other advanced topics. We are also able to run customised courses using your data for your staff or customers.

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Analytics Technical Skills

Technical skills to manage, model, analyse and use data are essential capabilities for all analytics practitioners. Minerra offer a variety of technical training courses on a range of topics including SQL for data analysis, data modeling and more.

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