Yellowfin Business User and Basic Analyst

This introductory Yellowfin Analytics training course will help people new to Yellowfin to develop the skills to explore, analyse and visualise data.

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      Learn how to navigate the system and collaborate with other users, interact with various forms of content, create basic reports that include formatting, filtering, and calculations, and create basic charts.

      Learning Objectives

      When the participant completes this course they will be able to:

      Finding and Using Analytics Content

      • Describe the core components of Yellowfin
      • Navigate the Yellowfin interface
      • Find and access existing analytics content on Yellowfin
      • Answer business questions by interacting with and exploring existing analytics content on Yellowfin
      • Answer business questions using Assisted Insights
      • Respond to business insights identified by Signals
      • Collaborate with colleagues about business questions with analytics content using annotations, timeline, tasks and comments.
      • Use actions to share existing analytics content with others.

      Introductory Analytics Content Creation

      • Create tabular reports with filters aggregations, calculations, functions, sections, drill-downs and conditional formatting
      • Create data visualisations using Auto-Chart or selecting standard charts.
      • Format tabular reports and data visualisations
      • Create dashboards using existing reports and data visualisations
      • Create interactive data presentations using existing reports and data visualisations
      • Create narrative data stories using existing reports and data visualisations

      Target Audience

      This course is designed for people whose primary use of Yellowfin is to create basic analytics content and/or perform basic data analysis using existing data sources and metadata views.


      Prior to starting this course participants should be able to:

      • Use a computer to access web pages
      • Some knowledge of Microsoft Excel is recommended

      Delivery Format

      Each course day will involve a virtual classroom session that runs over 4 hours to maximise participant engagement
      and learning effectiveness.

      The course will be delivered using a blended learning approach that combines the following teaching methods:

      • Short pre-class reading or exercises to prepare participants for the virtual classroom sessions
      • Live virtual classroom sessions delivered using an advanced online training and collaboration platform and dedicated Slack channel.
        • Short in-class practical exercises using small virtual breakout groups of two or three participants to collaboratively practice specific skills and techniques
        • In-class mini-projects that allow participants to combine a number of specific skills and techniques to create an example of real world analytics content

      The virtual classroom sessions include frequent practical interactive sessions and short breaks. The course is taught by trainers who are experienced teachers and experts in the Yellowfin Suite and the broader analytics profession.