SQL: Fundamentals of Querying

This SQL training course provides attendees with fundamental skills to use a range of queries to retrieve and analyse data from databases using SQL.

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      This course introduces attendees to querying with SQL. You will learn how to connect to a SQL database and execute a range of queries to retrieve and analyse data.

      The course will cover a variety of functions including date calculations, aggregate functions, string manipulations and more.


      The following skills and knowledge are required for attendance to this course:

      • Basic end-user computer skills
      • Familiarity with database terminology and structure
      • Some experience with data manipulation using a tool like Microsoft Excel

      Key Topics

      • Executing a Simple Query
      • Performing a Conditional Search
      • Working with Functions
      • Organising Data
      • Retrieving Data from Tables
      • Presenting Query Results

      Learning Objectives

      When the participant completes this course they will be able to:

      • Connect to the SQL Server database and execute a simple query.
      • Include a search condition in a simple query.
      • Use various functions to perform calculations on data.
      • Organize data obtained from a query before it is displayed on-screen.
      • Retrieve data from tables.
      • Format an output, save a result, and generate a report.

      Topic Outline

      Executing a Simple Query

      • Connect to the SQL Database
      • Query a Database
      • Save a Query
      • Modify a Query
      • Execute a Saved Query

      Performing a Conditional Search

      • Search Using a Simple Condition
      • Compare Column Values
      • Search Using Multiple Conditions
      • Search for a Range of Values and Null Values
      • Retrieve Data Based on Patterns

      Working with Functions

      • Perform Date Calculations
      • Calculate Data Using Aggregate Functions
      • Manipulate String Values
      • Organizing Data
      • Sort Data
      • Rank Data
      • Group Data
      • Filter Grouped Data
      • Summarize Grouped Data
      • Use PIVOT and UNPIVOT Operators

      Retrieving Data from Tables

      • Combine Results of Two Queries
      • Compare the Results of Two Queries
      • Retrieve Data by Joining Tables
      • Check for Unmatched Records
      • Retrieve Information from a Single Table Using Joins

      Presenting Query Results

      • Save the Query Result
      • Generate an XML Report

      Target Audience

      This course is intended for attendees who are involved with reporting / data manipulation who would like to extend upon their skills to query data from databases using SQL.