Analytical Thinking for Decision Making

Develop an analytical mindset for effective, unbiased, ethical decisions using data

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      In this interactive, practical workshop participants build on the participants foundation knowledge of data-driven decision-making from the Essential Data Skills for Professionals workshop to develop a deeper understanding of cognitive bias and how minimise it, scientific thinking, logical thinking and ethical thinking as applied to data analysis and data-driven decision making.

      Participants will work in small groups to analyse and apply the concepts and principles covered in the module to real-world case studies and example scenarios.

      Learning Objectives

      At the end of course participants will be able to:

      • Identify and minimise the impact of cognitive bias in data-driven decision-making
      • Apply the principles of scientific thinking to data analysis, in particular creating hypotheses which can be tested with data.
      • Apply the principles of logical thinking to ensure that conclusions drawn from data analysis are logically sound.
      • Apply the principles of ethical thinking to data analysis with the goal of minimising the chance of unintended consequences arising from data-driven decisions.

      Delivery Format

      This course is run in one of the following formats:

      • Instructor-led Virtual: 2 x 4 hour Modules
      • Face-to-Face Delivery: 1 day