Data Exploration, Analysis and Interpretation

Learn how to explore data and analyse it to find relationships, patterns and trends

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      In this practical interactive workshop, participants will learn a structured approach to exploring and analysing a data set to identify business relevant insights. This workshop allows participants to apply what they learned in the Analytical Thinking for Decision Making and Data Visualisation Principles & Best Practices workshops.

      Participants will work in small groups to explore and analyse real-world data sets to identify relevant insights using the techniques taught in the workshop.

      Learning Objectives

      At the end of course participants will be able to:

      • Efficiently explore a new data set using descriptive statistics and exploratory data visualisation.
      • Apply the “overview first, zoom and filter, and details on demand” approach to perform single and multi-dimensional analysis of a data set.
      • Identify if an interesting finding identified in a data set is a spurious anomaly or a valuable business insight

      Delivery Format

      This course is run in one of the following formats:

      • Instructor-led Virtual: 2 x 4 hour Modules
      • Face-to-Face Delivery: 1 day