Executive Masterclass: Leading Analytics in Organisations

Learn what analytics is, why it is important and the key to analytics success.

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      The objective of this course is to show executives and managers how to start a new or reinvigorate an existing organisation-wide analytics Program by fostering the development of an analytics culture and implementing the technical systems required to drive significant and sustainable organisation benefits.

      Participants will work in small groups to explore the current state of and objectives for analytics in their organisation so they can better understand what is required of them of leaders to achieve analytics success.

      Learning Objectives

      At the end of course participants will be able to:

      • Explain how analytics can help their business unlock the value in their data to achieve sustainable competitive advantage and drive innovation.
      • Explain the key principles and concepts of analytics and how they can benefit an organisation
      • Explain the success factors for analytics.
      • Explain the key elements of an effective analytics strategy and its relationship to organisation strategy.
      • Explain the key elements of an effective analytics culture.

      Delivery Format

      This course is run in one of the following formats:

      Instructor-led Virtual: 1 x 4 hour Modules
      Face-to-Face Delivery: 0.5 day