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Analytics Fundamentals Training

This analytics fundamentals training course provides core knowledge about analytics, and how to successfully work with analytics in an organisation.

Classroom: 1 day | Remote: 2 x 4 hour sessions


The purpose of the Analytics Fundamentals course is to provide attendees with a common foundational knowledge about data and analytics generally, and how to implement analytics within their organisation.

After completing the course all attendees will have a common understanding of key analytics terms, what analytics is, how analytics used in organisations, and what leads to a successful analytics implementation.

Key Topics

This course will provide attendees with a general understanding of:

  • The use of analytics within the business landscape
  • Data-driven decision making
  • How analytics is used to support data-driven decision-making (DDDM)
  • Factors influencing analytics success
  • The people, cultural and structural aspects of the analytics environment
  • Why people use BI tools
  • IT systems, technologies and tools within the analytics environment
  • Evolutionary analytics development and its benefits
  • Factors influencing analytics adoption

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