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Microsoft Excel Training: Level 2

This intermediate Microsoft Excel training course provides attendees with the skills to create more effective and productive spreadsheets and workbooks.

Classroom: 1 day | Remote: 2 x 4 hour sessions


The skills and knowledge acquired in Microsoft Excel Level 2 enable users to expand their knowledge and learn how to create more effective and productive spreadsheets workbooks.

 It covers formulas and function techniques, more intricate formatting, setting complex printing options, using intricate charting features, and working more effectively with existing worksheets and workbooks. 

Key Topics

When the participant completes this course they will be able to:

  • use the fill operations available to fill a data series
  • use a range of techniques to work with worksheets
  • apply a variety of page setup techniques
  • apply borders to cells and ranges in a worksheet
  • use common worksheet functions
  • create more complex formulas and functions
  • create and use defined names in a workbook
  • apply a range of number formatting techniques to worksheet cells
  • apply conditional formatting to ranges in a worksheet
  • use goal seeking to determine the values required to reach a desired result
  • understand and use Excel’s Quick Analysis tools
  • create and work with tables
  • use a range of elements and features to enhance charts
  • select and change the format of objects in a chart

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