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Yellowfin Data & Security Administrator

This advanced Yellowfin training course will enable existing Yellowfin users to manage Yellowfin data transformations, views and security.

Classroom: 1 day | Remote: 2 x 4 hour sessions


The Yellowfin Data & Security Administrator course will enable existing Yellowfin users to manage Yellowfin Data Transformations, Views and security.

Attend this course to obtain detailed knowledge to develop and manage Yellowfin Data Transfomations and Yellowfin Views. You will also learn to design and manage functional, content-level and data-level security.

Key Topics

When the participant completes this course they will be able to:

Data Administration and Management

  • Connect to various types of data sources
  • Create data transformations to integrate and clean data
  • Create and configure view metadata models
  • Create and configure automated insights and signals

Security Architecture and Management

  • Create a user and content security model using user groups, user roles and content permissions.
  • Implement row-level and column-level security
  • Understand how multi-tenancy can assist the management of security in conjunction with row-level
    filtering or database switching

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