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What is Data Literacy?

Data literacy is the ability to acquire, work with, read, analyse, communicate and argue effectively using data.

Data literacy is more than just a business skill

“As data…becomes increasingly important, power will flow to those who are able to create, control and understand data. Those who cannot, will become powerless.”

How has Minerra helped its clients with data literacy training?

Why is data literacy important?

Data literacy is the ability to acquire, work with, analyse and communicate effectively using data to answer questions or make decisions.

Recent research has found that:

  • Data is becoming a “critical skill” for all organisations, but globally “three quarters (74 percent) of employees report feeling overwhelmed or unhappy when working with data.”
  • Low data literacy levels are “a real barrier to businesses trying to build a data-driven culture”
  • 48% of employee globally need help to read, write and comprehend data
  • Gartner estimates that by 2020, 80% of organizations will start to roll out data literacy initiatives to upskill their workforce

The Data Skills for Professionals Program

The Data Skills for Professionals is an integrated program of competency-based workshops designed by Minerra to develop data literacy for business people and managers.


The programme consists of four levels to help participants learn and apply principles and processes to use data to make decisions.


Each of the four levels contain one or many modules that focus on a specific area of competency. The content of the modules is aimed at teaching technology independent skills that can be applied in an organisational context.

Data literacy program levels

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