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What is Yellowfin?

Yellowfin is a collaborative BI and analytics platform that allows you to understand and analyse your organisational data through interactive dashboards. Its objective is to enable decision makers to obtain the information they need to make data-driven decisions in a short time-frame.



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Analytics Strategy

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Analytics Architecture

Yellowfin training


Minerra offers a wide variety of Yellowfin training to suit all audiences. Some examples include: Yellowfin Data Exploration and Analysis, Yellowfin Content Creation, Yellowfin View Creation and System Administration, Yellowfin for Busy Managers, and Fundamentals of Analytics and Data-Driven Decision Making.


Minerra connects people with their data. Data is best when shared, and Yellowfin allows for exactly that. You can easily collaborate with others using comments, report annotations, discussion groups, and your personalised Timeline – a Facebook-style news feed of all information that is relevant to you.


Yellowfin makes data mining, analysis and sharing an easy task. It seamlessly analyses data from all sources and delivers them via an integrated platform. Yellowfin’s interactive dashboards allow you to view data at a summary level and then drill down to detail when you want it.


Yellowfin allows you to pull data from a variety of sources including databases, cloud applications, csv files and others with ease. This is all done with an intuitive and easy to use interface, where you can incorporate custom transformations, custom calculations, geolocation and data science models. This allows you to get fast access to accurate, integrated and up-to-date data.

In addition to this, you have access to automated insights to answer the ‘why’ behind your data. This functionality analyses an observation in your data against other data in your data set via a series of algorithms and then displays data visualizations to provide you with insight.


Mobile data access is another benefit Yellowfin offers. Whenever you need to view your data on the go, collaborate with team members, or make an interactive presentation, simply access Yellowfin from any device.


Visualization aside, Yellowfin delivers you with the ability to manage by exception. Forget about constantly monitoring reports – Yellowfin sends email-based alerts either on a schedule or only when a given business rule is met. For example, you may only want to receive an alert if your sales haven’t reached a given threshold at the end of the month. What’s more, you can also trigger tasks to be sent out to specific users to take action.


Do you need to share critical data across the board? Yellowfin allows for easy sharing of information to those internal and external to your organisation. Share reports, storyboards, metadata, dashboards, personalised events, schedules and agendas whenever the need arises.


Last but not least, Yellowfin integrates with the Ajilius data warehouse automation platform.


To customise Yellowfin, you only need to contact us with your requests. Together, we will come up with the decision-focused solution that best suits your business objectives.

The faces of Minerra


Who are we? People behind Minerra are experts specialising in business consulting. We are seasoned businessmen and businesswomen offering customised consulting services, as well as BI and analytics solutions. With significant business experience, we understand what is important when running a business.


That is why, at Minerra, we apply a personalised approach to every client. We listen. We learn. We fully understand the challenges. Only then do we devise the best approach and solution to meet and exceed your business goals.


Minera was founded in 2009, with one goal in mind: to offer a flexible, personalised and data-driven approach to analytics. See the “about” page to meet the team.



Yellowfin BI delivers optimum results


Back to our solutions, Yellowfin BI steps up the analysis process to such an extent that you will soon forget all ETL woes. The platform is fully automated, eliminating the need for lengthy and costly manual coding.


Furthermore, Yellowfin analyses all types of data. Whether it is the ERP or the CRM, a spreadsheet or cloud-based information, Yellowfin will process them all. Unified access to analytics combined with an integrated structured data view enables instantaneous discovery of business opportunities and makes issue detection a simple matter.


Yellowfin spares your time in more ways than one. Structured data are highly browsable; you will be able to find the exact bits and pieces of information you need, and quickly. Performance dashboards like Minerra’s display information in a summarised form, measuring KPIs in the process.


That isn’t to say that descriptive attributes are ruled out. You will also be able to access information on performance, products, customers, and events in a matter of seconds.


Finally, Yellowfin delivers report-ready data. Pieces of information are easily compared, so if you need a comparison of, i.e., overall and monthly revenue, Yellowfin will perform the task with ease.

Data Integration

Data warehouse testing made easy


Perhaps most importantly, Yellowfin automates the entire DWH testing process. The process eliminates inconsistencies so often present in manual testing.



Minerra’s DWH testing solutions clean excess data, displaying them in a ready-to-use format. The entire process takes minutes to hours, depending on the size of the DWH being analysed. All updates are easily applied on a regular basis and take no more time than the testing does.

Why choose Yellowfin?


Yellowfin is one solution to deal with all BI and analytics stratagems. It saves your precious time, eliminates the errors of manual coding and provides report-ready, shareable information. Minerra’s solutions incorporate decision-focused dashboard design (development, maintenance and output), data warehouse design, report design, data visualization and fully implemented BI analytics tools.


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Analytics as a Service

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